About us

From here to there…

“… We are who we are, because we were who we were…..” says an old refrain

We are friends, we were born in Latin American lands: Perú and Argentina.

Spain founds us!

 Here in Spain, we decided to form and to raise our families, and today we want to bring you a tiny piece of our land, with the great hope to bring us together and closer to the beauty of our Latin American creations.

We created Nareï

We longed for a soft touch, we longed for memories of our land, we longed for love, that kind of love that we get through our hands’ touch.

Every knitted thread, every stitch got us closer to the alpaca fibre, because it is soft, warm, ethereal. It holds the will and the sacrifice of that who has worked with it

It is our dream to bring you closer to unique attributes and quality of alpaca fibre, and through this to share with you little glance of Perú and its artisan traditions, based on respect and the appreciation for their ancestral knowledge, transmitted from generation to generation.

 Welcome to alpaca universe!

 Here we would like to introduce you to our curated selection of accessories and garments, and we hope you would enjoy them as much as we do. Welcome to Narei Artisans.