Colecciones: Scarves Baby Alpaca Wool

Colecciones: Scarves Baby Alpaca Wool

Plaid scarf


Plaid scarf. A warm and quality accesory for you. 

  • Composition

100% Baby Alpaca wool. Made in Perú.

  • Measure:

1,80 m. length including fringes x 30 cm. wide.

  • Care
-Hand wash gently without rubbing in cold water.
-With mild or delicate laundry detergent.
-Dry by spreading the garment on a flat surface keeping its shape. Avoid drying the garment by wringing it out to drain it.
-Clean dry only with the appropriate solvents.

Disfruta de las cualidades de la alpaca

antialérgica - con alto poder aislante - suave - no pica - duradera - fácil de cuidar - ecológica