Colecciones: Scarves Baby Alpaca Wool

Colecciones: Scarves Baby Alpaca Wool

Scarf 100% Baby Alpaca



This soft scarf is made of pure baby alpaca, the finest wool. It has incredible thermal properties.

Adapts to your body temperature, provides you elegance and style, and its softness is incomparable with respect to other recognized fibers in the world.

  • Composition

100% Alpaca Baby Wool. Made in Perú.

  • Measure:

1,80 m. lenght including fringes x 30 cm. withd

  • Care
-Hand wash gently without rubbing in cold water.
-With mild or delicate laundry detergent.
-Dry by spreading the garment on a flat surface keeping its shape. Avoid drying the garment by wringing it out to drain it.
-Clean dry only with the appropriate solvents.

    Disfruta de las cualidades de la alpaca

    antialérgica - con alto poder aislante - suave - no pica - duradera - fácil de cuidar - ecológica